↕️Deposit / Withdraw


User can deposit funds into the Whirl virtual layer at any time. To do so, the user needs to connect his wallet, enter the desired amount and blockchain.

Initially, only native cryptocurrency deposits are accepted.

Users can let their funds sit there for as long as desired, funds are safu.


To withdraw, the user enters the recipient address, the amount to be withdrawn and the desired destination blockchain and token.

Funds can be withdrawn in any desired amount, on any of the supported chains, to multiple wallets, at any time.

For example:

John makes a 1 ETH deposit on Arbitrum. Whenever he reconnects his wallet to the DApp, the Virtual Layer recognizes it and he can dispose freely of his 1 ETH. He decides to withdraw 0.1 ETH to a fresh wallet on Ethereum, 0.3 ETH on another wallet on Linea, and the rest to a third wallet on Base. Within a few seconds, he has received his ETH on each wallet. There will be no way for anyone to trace these 3 wallets to the funding wallet.

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