🏦Revenue Sharing

At Whirl, we believe a protocol, no matter how good it is, is nothing without its community. For this reason, we believe it is important to give back to the community in a pecuniar form.

The Rev. Share pool will be comprised of:

  • 33% of the tax revenue from the token

  • 100% of the protocol fees

To be eligible, users must hold at least 10,000 $WHIRL (0.1%) and hold them in their wallet for 7 consecutive days.

The snapshots will be taken periodically on a random basis, and rewards will be airdrop in the Virtual Layer every week in ETH. This means users will be able to withdraw their rev share rewards directly from the app, on any chain and on any wallet they want.

We chose this system over staking, to continually ensure better user experience and security. You are in control, at all times.

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